Tuesday, February 21, 2017

November 11, 2012: Nantou visit with Al and the 3490 cycling club

The story of my first visit to Nantou

I woke up at 4.30 and I met Al at Hongshunlin. We cycled together to Luzhou, where we would meet the other cyclists of the 3490 Cycling Club.

It was raining as we cycled there. We put the bikes in the car and hit the road.

During the way there I fell asleep. 

Chen Baoling and Al, everyone was in the mood for it

We arrived in Nantou around 8.30 and set up the bikes to get going. The first sectin as a series of more flat sections.

I recognized a few parts I visited last year with Lin Xunlang. 

The Jiji train station

This is a very famous scenic spot

Me just acting stupid

The 3490 cycling group!

Tourism in the Nantou area

From Jiji we went further in the direction of the Sun Moon Lake.

Nantou's beauty shocked me

I did not have a proper breakfast so I got hungry. At 12.30 we went to a small place for some food. I felt good thanks to that. Then we continued our spin around Nantou.

I had a lot of energy this day and no problems dealing with the hills. 

Albert was taking is a bit more slow but thats alright. I had more time for pictures and relaxing.

Xinyi section. Xinyi is a district within |Nantou.

In the afternoon we were heading for the Sun Moon lake and that road was a lot steeper. Here is Al on his very cool killer bike. 

Sun Moon Lake scenic area

I took many pictures with my cheap HTC phone. 

Together with my trip to Yilan over Beiyi, this trip made me fall in love with both cycling and Taiwan

Yuchi Township, where the Sun Moon Lake is located

That road went nice and steep. I was waiting for Al to join me.

More stupid pictures. I felt so free and happy

So did AL by the way

I had a budget bike of 500 USD and Al had a very nice carbon bike with carbon wheels. I was kinda jealous of him haha. But honestly, my bike did not disappoint me. 

I did not even use click shoes at the time.

Puli, Guoxing and Caotun indicated. 

We then went to a little area called Toushe. 

Al Penn

Then we arrived at the Sun Moon Lake bike path, which looked nice.

Into that tunnel.

Thanks to Al for these photos

The Sun Moon Lake, we were here!

A little victory salute for being here

It is referred to as one of the nicest bike paths in the world and I was here!

We grouped at the other side of the park.

Group picture

Taiwan cycling festival

Then we continued cycling around the lake.

We were having a nice time

Enchanting summer moon lake. 

We cycled to a big temple where I passed also last year

There were some musicians performing

Familiar sight

We stopped there to gather the group and make some pictures

Baby cyclist Bart

This little girl was singing a song from Tank, a song I knew. It made a deep impression on me.

Then we went to the hotel. It was a nice hotel and we had a very good dinner there at night. 

The Taiwanese were drinking a lot, but I did not care much about that stuff. One of the guys sang a nice song.

I went to bed in time and had a nice rest.